Adventure Children is a summer camp which empowers children to direct their play in a safe and supportive environment. Children are free to explore their environment and learn in a equitable, respectful, and responsible way. Children have a say in their learning and are held accountable for their actions. With the guidance of counselors, children learn skills of leadership, teamwork, perseverance, and discipline. 

Adventure Children models its program on the world. Pieces of culture and life are rotated into the center so children can experience life and learn. We do not tell children what their life should be, but help them discover what it can be. Our center includes literacy, math, science, art, music, sports, robotics, woodwork, and more. Children work at their own pace and have a large degree of freedom to direct their own transitions and determine when their play or project is complete. 

Adventure Children revolves around the entire community​, both children and adults. We seek to educate children about the importance of care, respect, responsibility, stewardship, friendship, and compassion. Everything we do revolves around making the community stronger.

Freedom to Play


Play is an important part of learning and life. Rain or shine, children should immerse themselves in the world. At Adventure Children, every child is given a cubby to store a poncho, rain boots, and a spare change of clothes. When the clouds come out, children grab their rain gear and jump in the puddles. Our Center has an abundance of space to play and open areas for children to create their own stories. Imagination is nurtured and has room to roam. 



Project Based Learning

Children are given materials to create projects. Instruction is offered so children can develop skills. From more advanced peers, teachers, volunteers, and experts, children have access to knowledge and support to advance their learning in every topic they can dream of. Children are encouraged to work on projects until the children believe they are complete. Projects allow for focus and promote children to work for a sustained period of time, developing patience and perseverance.  

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Our Staff

We only hire staff that are from the community and love to be with children. Our teachers supervise the children to keep them safe. Teachers work in teams so that while one teacher is able to watch a group of children another teacher can lead an activity or work with a small group. 

Our teachers take trainings throughout the year and our teachers are cpr and first-aid trained. 

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Call Us: 1-404-514-4122 /   goadventurechildren@gmail.com