Access a variety of mediums and freedom to work on long-term projects.

Drawing, Painting, Coloring, Knitting, sewing, Jewelry-making, t-shirt making, miscellaneous supplies

Arts and Crafts

Consistent practice and opportunities to experiment. 

Keyboard, guitar, drums, amplifier, cables, ribbons, costumes, lights, tape

Music and Dance

Count, manipulate, and compare.


Connectors, Unit cubes, play money, magnets, counters, linking people

Math and Manipulatives

Dream and manipulate the world of your mind.

Dress up, structures, chairs, risers, objects, props, dinosaurs, toy people, action figures


See, feel, hear, touch, and taste the world are you. In sunshine, rain, snow, and fog.

Insect nets, fire-building, climbing, shelter-making, gardening, digging, creaking.


Cook and bake, preparing food to be consumed.

Washing, cutting, cooking, preparing dishes, presenting


Playing in groups, pairs, and individually. Exploring different strategies.

Board Games, memory games, card games, Uno, chess, humor games, teambuilding

Games and Strategy

Exploring other worlds and views.



Books, bean bag chairs, dictionaries, and more


Experimenting, testing, and exploring.

Ingredients, measuring, stove tops, water tap, equations, microscope, recycling center, magnifying glass, samples, petrie dish, slides, tubes, rocketry, circuit boards, soldering, balancing, scales


Learn Talents, Body Abilities, Team Sports.

Balls, cones, flag belts, pinnies, skateboards, scooters, bikes, roller blades, clubs, rackets, goals, baskets


Recording, graphing, learning, creating.


Computer, tablet, printer, cables, software, books, GoPro, cameras


Have conversations with adults, more knowledgeable peers, and classmates

Bean bag clusters, chairs, podium, microphone

Conversation and Debate

Build on small and large scales. Push imaginations and test the rules of nature.

Blocks, Legos, K'Nex, String, Tape, Glue, Models, Toy Figures


Write letters, words, poems, stories, plans, essays, and more.

Paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, clipboards, whiteboards


Feeling, seeing, and discovering artifacts, maps, and history.

Maps, models, globes, artifacts

Social Studies

Small and Large puzzles and challenges.

Bus puzzle, transportation puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, floor puzzle, riddles, manipulative puzzles

Puzzles and Logic

Build and create, innovate and produce. Product design and building.

Wood, plastic, metal, cardboard, hammers, screwdrivers, scissors, wrenches, drills, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, hot glue, glues, hinges 


Repair, build, and renovate.

Plumbing, masonry, tiling, dry-walling

Construction and Handywork

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