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Parent Handbook



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Camp Location:

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Dear Adventure Children Parent/Guardian,

We would like to welcome you and your children to our summer camp! Adventure Children empowers children to direct their learning in a safe and supportive environment. With the guidance of teachers, campers learn skills of leadership, teamwork, perseverance, and discipline.  Children have freedom to make choices throughout the day and we teach children the importance of care, respect, responsibility, stewardship, friendship, and compassion. We believe that we live in a community and that we can help make our community stronger.

Adventure Children is proud to be able to offer a fun and exciting summer camp. Our program is centered around creativity, responsibility, and happiness. Summer camp includes a wide range of games, crafts, STEM projects, and sports. Campers will also have free time to create their own projects and play. Campers swim 2-3 times per week. We value the importance of being part of the community, so we take field trips 1-2 times per week.

Adventure Children has been created to adapt to the needs of your family. We will respond to your calls or emails as soon as we possibly can and strive to have an open and positive relationship with our parents and community members. This handbook has been prepared to inform you of our policies and procedures. This handbook is an excellent resource for common camp-related questions. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call us at 404-514-4122.

Promoting the development of youths' mind, body, and spirit so youths are creative, happy, and responsible learners is the main goal of Adventure Children. We welcome you and your children to Adventure Children summer camp and we thank you for your partnership.

Thank you,

                                                       Jeremy Wolff


Jeremy Wolff

Executive Director, Adventure Children




Adventure Children Program Philosophy

Adventure Children is dedicated to developing youths’ mind, body, and spirit so that children are creative, responsible, and happy learners. Our work is demonstrated when children are creating meaningful projects, living with responsibility, and expressing their happiness.

Adventure Children exists so that children can learn in an environment that is safe and supportive, and gives learners freedom to grow. The program is organized to be involved with the community via field trips, community partners, and parents.

Summer camp is designed to children learn and have fun. The ten week summer period is a significant opportunity to advance learning. Children have the opportunity to read, write, do science experiments, social studies activities, fitness, and develop hobbies. At the same time, play is an important component of the program. Children are encouraged to tag, pretend, explore, and create.

Adventure Children seeks to help children develop as powerful learners. Adventure Children strives to help campers:

  • Develop perseverance and discipline

  • Make lasting friendships

  • Become strong leaders

  • Advance skills and hobbies

  • Care for the environment

  • Respect each other

  • Develop personal goals and an understanding of strengths

  • Have fun

Program Goals:

Development of Mind: Campers do hands-on learning in academic and creative areas. Learning in domains such as games, arts, and workshop also develops the analytical mind.

Development of Body: Campers play games, do sports, and a range of activities which promote exercise and muscle growth. Children develop coordination and increase their athletic abilities.

Development of Spirit: Campers experience social and emotional development as we work on friendship, responsibility, and community skills.

Adventure Children Curriculum

In camp, children will participate in a range of activity areas:


  • Arts and crafts

  • Games and strategy

  • Building

  • Music and dance

  • Reading and writing

  • Math and Manipulatives

  • Science and Social Studies

  • Sports and Nature

  • Puzzles and Logic

  • Technology

  • Workshop

  • Cooking

  • Conversation and Debate

  • Pretend Play

  • Handywork

Campers will also visit the community (or the community will visit us):

  • Field Trips

  • Parks

  • Swimming

  • Community Partners (fire dept., library, Decatur Makers, etc)

  • Family Night

Other Program Components:

  • Snack

  • Rest Time



Adventure Children Registration/Enrollment

A child is considered to be enrolled in Adventure Children only after the registration fee has been paid, the administrator confirms the availability of the space, and all of the required paperwork is received. This includes both the enrollment information as well as health information and permission slips. Any change to the enrollment and health information must be communicated to the camp director immediately so that current information is always on file.

Children Eligible for Camp

Adventure Children serves rising 1st graders through rising 8th graders. Anyone living in the Avondale Estates/Decatur/Atlanta/DeKalb/Fulton area may enroll in camp.

Hours and Days of Operation

Adventure Children operates from 9am through 4pm Monday – Friday between May 28, 2019 and August 2, 2019. No camp is held on July 4, 2019. Extended care is available from 7am – 9am and 4pm – 6pm.



Daily Schedule

Swim Days

8:50 – 9:00       Drop-off

9:00                   Opening Circle

9:15                   Swimming

11:45                 Lunch

12:15                 Rest Time

12:30                 Activity Period

1:30                   Activity Period

2:30                   Snack

2:45                   Activity Period

3:45                   Closing Circle

3:50 – 4:00       Pick-up


Non- Swimming Days

8:50 – 9:00       Drop-off

9:00                   Opening Circle

9:15                   Activity Period 1

10:30                 Activity Period 2

11:45                 Lunch

12:15                 Rest Time

12:30                 Activity Period 3

1:30                   Activity Period 4

2:30                   Snack

2:45                   Activity Period 5

3:45                   Closing Circle

3:50 – 4:00       Pick-up


Staff/Child Ratios and Maximum Group Size

Adventure Children will never exceed the following State required ratios: 1 staff to 25 children. Maximum group size is 50. However, Adventure Children strives to have a 1:10 ratio at all times or better. During swim time, ratios will always be 1:10 or better.

Meals and Snacks

Campers are encouraged to bring 2 snacks and a meal every day. Time will be provided each morning and afternoon to eat the snack, and lunch time will be at 11:45 each day. A snack will be provided for campers who do not have one.

Lunches should include all four food groups (grain, protein, fruit, vegetable). If a child is sent to camp without a lunch, camp staff will call the parent and ask the parent to bring the child a lunch. Refrigeration for lunches and snacks is not available in our program. Storage for lunches and snacks in a cool, dry place is available.


Outdoor Play

Part of the Adventure Children curriculum is outdoor play. We go outside daily as weather permits, however, this time is limited when the weather is very hot or very cold. Children will not be taken outside when the temperature drops below 25 degrees or rises above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. On days that outdoor time is not offered, we will include a time for indoor physical activity in the gymnasium or other available space. Please send your children with the appropriate clothing and accessories so they can be comfortable and safe whenever we are outdoors.


Parent and Guardian Participation Policy

Parents and guardians have access to camp at all times to interact wit their child and observe the program. When visiting Adventure Children, parents should inform the camp director of their presence.

Parents are encouraged to participate in family events and field trips. Parents can also volunteer at camp.

Parents and guardians should discuss any suggestions or complaints about the program or program staff with the camp director. If a parent feels their concerns have not been addressed by the director, the parent or guardian may discuss their concern with the Adventure Children executive director (please see first page).

Adventure Children staff are available to discuss your child’s progress or needs at any time. However, due to staff responsibilities and schedules, parents are asked to make appointments when a larger conversation may become necessary.

Upon request, parents and guardian s will be provided with a list of contact information for other parents/guardians of children in the program. During registration, parents and guardians are given the option to provide their contact information for other families. Only those families who indicate their willingness will be included on the list. The list will only be given to a parent of a child who attends camp.

Parents may provide feedback at any time and a formal program evaluation is distributed annually.


Fee Policy Information

Registration Fee: The registration fee for summer camp is $25. This is a one-time annual, non-refundable fee. This fee is due with submission of the registration packet.

Program Fees: Weekly camp fees are due the Monday of the week before the week of registration. For example, campers attending May 28 – May 31 need to pay by Monday, May 20.


AM Care

7am – 9am


9am – 4pm

PM Care

4pm – 6pm

5 day week

(Weeks 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10)


$245* / $260



4-day week

(Weeks 1,6)


$196*/ $208


*TMS parents receive a $15 discounted weekly camp rate

  • Siblings receive a 10% discount. For example, a first child costs $260 but a second child costs $234.

  • Fees are not pro-rated for any reason out of camp control, including illness or family vacations

  • Payments may be received earlier, but payments received after the due dates will be charged a late fee of $10.00 per child.

  • Unless special circumstances warrant and are approved by camp executive director, balances unpaid by the weekly camp start date will result in a child’s ineligibility for the program.


Your child’s attendance will be full-time only. Because we regularly attend field trips and participate in special events, it is important that parents maintain to the 8:50 – 9:00 drop off window and 3:50 – 4:00 pick up window. However, we understand that circumstances arise such as doctor’s appointments, vacations, and unforeseeable events. We will make every effort to accommodate these instances.

Program Withdrawal

Parents intending to withdraw their child from the program must do so by contacting the executive director and giving a 3-week written notice. Parents/guardians are responsible for the program fee if a 3-week written notice has not been given. If your child has not attended the program for 3 consecutive weeks without notice, it may result in the termination of your camp space. Withdrawal with 3-week notice will result in a full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. Withdrawal made within 3-weeks of camp will result in a credit to your account for the value of weeks cancelled, minus the $25 cancellation fee.

Forms of Payment

Payment must be made through the website. Payments must be received in full to be considered made.



Late Pick-Up Fees

Parents/guardians will be charged a late fee according to the following schedule:


4:00 – 4:15 pm             One dollar per minute


If a parent has not arrived by 4:15pm and has not contacted camp staff, the child will be enrolled in our PM care program for $40 for the week. A 5$ late registration fee will also be applied.


PM Care:


6:00 – 6:15 pm             One dollar per minute


6:15 – 6:30pm              Two dollars per minute


If a parent has not arrived by 6:30pm and has not contacted camp staff, staff will call the adults listed as emergency contacts on the child’s enrollment packet. If a parent or guardian and emergency contact cannot be reached, Children’s Services may be contacted. Repeated late pickup may result in dismissal from the program.                                     


Severe Weather and Unforeseeable Events Cancellations

On days when severe weather makes traveling to/from camp or being at camp unsafe, camp will be cancelled. Camp may also be cancelled for acts of nature and events out of our control such as: power outage, water outage, damage to facilities, etc. Parents/guardians will be notified immediately if a camp cancellation occurs.

Tax Information

Please keep a copy of your receipts for tax purposes. Upon request, Adventure Children will provide annual tax information.


Adventure Children is a license-exempt program in the State of Georgia. We abide by all requirements for the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning license-exempt programs.


Adventure Children is solely responsible for summer camp. All questions and concerns should be directed to summer camp staff, director, and executive director, not the school personnel or individuals affiliated with the school.

Children with Special Needs

Adventure Children includes children with special needs in activities to the greatest of our ability. Adventure Children will make every attempt to adapt and modify program activities, staffing, and facilities through reasonable accommodation, unless such accommodation imposes hardship on Adventure Children. If your child requires an accommodation, please discuss it with the camp director.

We suggest that you discuss your camper’s special needs with the director and tour the facility before the first day of services. This provides the family with the opportunity to observe the program and gives staff time to learn what can be done to promote the child’s involvement in the program.

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings are the responsibility of the child. Adventure Children will provide a space for your child’s belongings during camp. Adventure Children is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please have your child leave valuable items at home.

Daily Attendance and Sign-in / Sign-Out

Attendance is taken daily. Parents/guardians are required to sign their child in every morning and out each afternoon. At the time of pick up, parents/guardians are asked to speak to staff so that staff are aware the child is leaving.

Release of Child

The parent/guardian must sign their child in and out each day by signing the attendance form. If another responsible adult is required to pick up your child, written authorization must be given to the program. This is done using our Authorized Pick Up forms. Children may not be released if written authorization has not been given. Valid photo identification must be presented before releasing the child to anyone. Please let people know ahead of time so they bring a picture ID and are not inconvenienced about this requirement. The children’s safety is our first priority.

Police will be notified if an adult who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohols attempts to pick up a child. In this situation, emergency contacts will be called to transport the child.

Custody Agreements

If there are custody agreements, you must provide the program with court papers indicating who has permission to pick up the child. Adventure Children may not deny a biological or custodial parent to their child without proper documentation that states otherwise.

Child Abuse Reporting

All staff members are mandated reporters of child abuse. If staff believe that a child is being abused or neglected, they WILL make a report to the local children’s services agency. The safety of the children is our first priority.

Field Trips

We will be taking several field trips throughout the summer. Transportation will be done by a licensed and registered transport company. A child care staff member with first aid and CPR trainings will be present on field trips.

Before a child participates in a field trip, the program will obtain written permission from the parent or guardian. A copy of children’s medical records, permission forms, and a first-aid kit are kept with field trip staff at all times.

Children will be supervised on field trips using the same systems as at camp.  A count will be taken before leaving and on arrival at field trips and camp. During the course of the trip, each staff member will have a group of children they are responsible for supervising. The program will follow all staff to child ratio requirements.

Swimming Information

We will be swimming several times per week. A lifeguard will be present at all times and Adventure Children staff will also supervise the children.

Parents/guardians must sign a permission slip before their child may swim.

Please remember to send bathing suits and towels for your children. For children prone to losing items, extra underwear, socks, or other articles are encouraged in a separate compartment of their backpacks.

Camper Expectations

Campers are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. This includes the following:

  1. Follow the directions of counselors

  2. Be respectful to other campers and counselors

  3. Treat equipment and property as instructed and in a respectful way

  4. Treat self with respect and dignity

  5. Be kind to other campers and counselors

  6. Participate in the majority of activities and trying new things

  7. Use kind words and appropriate language (no profanity or insults)

  8. Keep hands and other body parts to self (not touching others)

  9. Engage in conflict-solving strategies with staff when asked to do so

  10. Have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn

Direction and Discipline Policy

We think of our program discipline as a direction policy. We direct children towards making their own choices and conflict resolution. We consider each child’s age, development level, and temperament and develop fair expectations of behavior.

When a child needs direction, staff redirect the child into more constructive activities. Appropriate behavior is continuous encouraged and modeled by staff throughout the day. With assistance for staff and peers, children learn to use positive solutions for conflict resolution. Staff encourage children to control their own behavior, cooperate with others, and solve problems by working through them. Our goal is to help each child develop systems so they can self-direct. We help children develop positive self-esteem and belief in their own capabilities so they feel empowered to make good choices.

Adventure Children wants children to be able to make their own choices and take responsible for their actions.  By promoting both discipline and perseverance, we help children focus on caring about themselves and their community.

Sample Directions Given:

  • Choosing a different activity

  • Trying to solve the conflict again

  • Using rock,paper,scissors, or picking a number

  • Taking turns or sharing

  • Taking a break and coming back in a few minutes

  • Drawing a picture

  • Listening to a song

  • Walking a lap

  • Getting a drink of water, eating a snack

Behavior Management Progression:

When a child is behaving in an inappropriate way that immediately threatens the health or safety of himself/herself or others, staff will do the following:

  1. Take immediate action to stop the behavior. If necessary, the child will be temporarily removed from the situation. Staff will try to understand the cause of the behavior and will help the child overcome the challenge presented.

  2. Suspend or expel the child from the program. This is a difficult decision to make and will be carefully considered before action is taken.

When a child is behaving in an inappropriate way that does not immediately jeopardize the health and safety of others, staff will discuss the problem with the child and determine if disciplinary action is needed. Our goal is for the child to learn to take responsibility for his/her own behavior. In cases of repeated inappropriate behavior, the following disciplinary progression will take place:

  1. Staff will discuss the inappropriate behavior with the child.

  2. Staff will redirect the child away from activity, with the child returning to the activity if they are willing to behave appropriately.

  3. Discuss the inappropriate behavior with parent

When a child is behaving in an inappropriate way persistently and this behavior takes too much time and attention away from the needs, safety, and well-being of other campers, or causes disruption of the program goals, the child may be suspended or expelled from the program.


Illness Management

It is very important that Adventure Children keep a clean and healthy environment. Staff are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of illness. We ask that you not bring a sick child to the program as they will be sent home. Please have a backup plan in place if you are not able to pick up your child in the event of illness.

A child is considered too ill to be in the program when showing any of the following signs:

  • Temperature of 101 degree Fahrenheit

  • Reoccurring diarrhea

  • Severe coughing causing the child to be short of breath

  • Difficult or rapid breathing

  • Yellowish eyes or skin

  • Redness of eyes with discharge or itching, burning eyes

  • Untreated skin rashes

  • Untreated lice

  • Sore throat with difficulty swallowing

  • Reoccurring vomiting

When a child displays one of the symptoms above, staff will:

  1. Isolate the sick child away from other children and within care of a staff member

  2. Make the sick child comfortable

  3. Notify the parent or guardian to pick up the child

When returning to the program, if a child is not symptom free, a doctor’s note may be required stating that the child is not contagious.

Medicine Administration

The administration of medicine is a very serious task that requires the cooperation of parents and staff. A Medicine Administration form needs to be filled out before medicine can be given, and the directions must match up with the directions on the medicine or prescription. If medicine is to be given, please make sure there is enough available to get your camper through the day. Please make sure medication is not expired, is in in a labeled container, and has a measuring spoon or syringe if necessary. Thanks for your help to ensure the safe administration of medicine while your child is at camp.

Lice Policy

If a child has nits or lice, he/she will be separated from the other campers, while in the sight of staff. The child’s parent/guardian will be called to pick up their child. All other children will be checked for nits and lie during that day and the following day. Any child who has been sent home due to nits or lice may not return until they have been treated or is nit and lice free.

Accident / Emergency Plan

Adventure Children has plans in place in the event that an emergency occurs during camp. In the event of a fire or tornado, staff would follow the written instructions posted in each room, describing emergency evacuation routes and the procedures to be followed to assure that children arrive at safer locations. In the case of fire or severe weather conditions, or the loss of power, heat or water to the program, our emergency destination is Avondale Station Apartments. A sign will be posted to indicate that we have been evacuated and parents/guardians will be called as soon as possible.

In the case of minor emergency, staff will administer basic first aid. If the injury is serious, parents would be contacted immediately to assist in deciding an appropriate course of action. If any injury is life threatening, EMS would be called immediately, parents notified, and a staff member will accompany the child to the hospital. Only parents/guardians or EMS will transport children.

Any incident/injury report will be completed and given to the person picking up the child if the child has an illness, accident, or injury which requires first aid, involves a blow to the head, or an unusual or unexpected event occurs. If a child requires emergency transportation, the report shall be available within 24 hours of the time of the incident.

Environmental Threats

Adventure Children has developed an emergency response plan. Included in the plan are actions to take in the event of severe weather, bomb threats, threats of weapons on site, and other situations. Some of these situations require evacuating the premises to Avondale Station Apartments. Staff will contact parents as soon as possible if the situation results in an evacuation.

Adventure Children has a zero tolerance policy to weapons. Weapons, firearms, and ammunition shall not be on the premises. Any participant, parent/guardian or family-authorized adult that uses or possesses or threatens to use or possess a weapon or a look-alike weapon at any time may be permanently expelled from camp.

Termination of Camp Services

Adventure Children reserves the right to discontinue camp services under any of the following conditions:

  1. Failure to fulfill any of the responsibilities or conditions included in the Parent Handbook

  2. Severe behavior by the child which disrupts the group, including repeated instances of failing to listen to counselors, refusal to follow program rules, excessive use of physical force, including hitting, pushing, kicking, or biting, verbal abuse, or excess threats to use physical abuse

  3. Failure of parents/guardians to treat staff or other parents or children respectfully. Disrespect includes inappropriate or abusive language, behavior, or threats

  4. Any participant, parent/guardian or family-authorized adult that uses or possesses or threatens to use or possess a weapon or a look-alike weapon at any time may be permanently expelled from camp.

  5. Lack of regular attendance for two weeks or more without notification

  6. Past due balance on account that are not rectified within three days of notice

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